Black Sheep

The animals in the barnyard are ready to be brought in from fields. However, the mischievous black sheep also wants to sneak into the corrals in order to let other animals out!

BLACK SHEEP pits 2 to 4 farm hands against each other as they attempt to
wrangle the most valuable animals to score points. In order to corral animals, players form the most successful combination on their side of the fields where the animals frolic. Beware as the infamous Black Sheep will take points away from you if you are not careful.

This game by renowned game designer Reiner Knizia and art by Ursula Vernon brings home fun for the entire family. However, an advanced game as well as several variants will extend replayability.

BLACK SHEEP features :

  • three field mats
  • four corral mats
  • 112 playing cards
  • 36 detailed plastic animal miniatures

More Information on BLACK SHEEP can be found at the Fantasy Flight Games website.